Enjoy the Ease of Use of
Overture’s Lighting Control Systems.

Lighting Control is one of the most useful technologies available. It has many applications in a home. It allows you to create any mood when you’re home or entertaining, light up the house before you get home in the evening, and provides security when you’re out of town. It gives you virtually unlimited possibilities, with the touch of a button.

Overture creates lighting control systems that are custom designed for new construction or an existing home. Just as the décor of a home is a combination of style and function, the lighting is part of the interior design and functionality of the interior and exterior spaces. Overture designs lighting control systems that are tailored to each specific home.

Overture’s Lighting Control Systems have the following features:

  • By controlling and programming the lighting both inside and outside of your home, you can save energy and help reduce your utility costs.
  • The lighting system is controlled by easy-to-use keypads conveniently located throughout the home or by a touch screen remote that allows you to control all lights from a single location.
  • Multiple zones of lights, as in a kitchen, can be controlled by one keypad, eliminating the need for multiple light switches on the wall.
  • With the touch of one preset button, you can turn some or all of the lights on or off throughout your home.
  • Automatic timers throughout the home add convenience and security by adjusting the lighting as desired.
  • Astronomical clocks can be set to adjust indoor or outdoor lighting according to the degree of natural light.
  • Enhance the security of your home while you’re away. Programmable lighting can mimic your daily routine of dimming and raising the lights, so your home always appears occupied.
  • Controls from inside your car allow you to turn on your house lights when you approach the driveway.