Overture provides media servers to make your music and videos easy to find.

Media servers are a godsend when it comes to organizing and managing your movie and music collections. With a media server provided by Overture, you can browse your movie or music collection to find what you want and enjoy playback of your choice instantaneously. Say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter with a media server that can store and organize your movies and music electronically. Overture can recommend the right media server that will provide high-speed networking to deliver your favorite movies or music throughout your home. Instantly access and enjoy your movies or music CDs where it’s convenient for you, your family or your guests.

Features of media servers include the following:

  • Simplify the way you collect, manage, and enjoy your music and movies.
  • Store and organize your collections electronically.
  • Intuitive graphical interface allows for easy access and management of extensive video and music libraries.
  • Simply type in the musician or actor you want to enjoy and the choices from your library will appear.
  • Personalize your video viewing experience by creating your own favorite scenes, and even linking them together to create a video montage.
  • For music, quickly select and play any album or track. You can also make customized mix albums.